The Day | March on Blair Mountain kicks off with press conference


MARMET, WEST VIRGINIA — The March on Blair Mountain officially kicked off Monday with a press conference at the baseball field in Marmet. The video montage above provides some sights and sounds from the event. Immediately after the press conference, approximately 250 marchers began their 5 day journey to Blair mountain. A handful of counter protesters scattered themselves along the marching route in Marmet. Some passing vehicles who opposed the march honk their horn in favor of the counter protesters. This reporter observed some heckling from a few drivers who passed by the marchers, but did not witness any acts of violence against any of the marchers or counter protesters. Also on hand along the marching route were supporters of the Blair Mountain marchers. A few of the supporters were coal miners. Just as with the opposition, some drivers who supported the marchers would honk their horns as they came upon them.  Soundbites and photos from both the counter protesters and march supporters coming soon.

“The Day” brings you up-to-date on what has happened at the March on Blair Mountain within the past 24-hours.


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