More from the March | Religious groups with environmental bent lent support at Saturday’s rally

Allen Johnson, a Pocahontas county resident and co-founder of the West Virginia-based group Christians for the Mountains, carries what he calls the "coal cross" at Saturday's March on Blair Mountain rally. Christians for the Mountains was just one of the religious groups in attendance at the rally.


When hundreds of people flocked to a baseball field at the base of Blair Mountain on Saturday, they were greeted by groups of like-minded individuals who shared their opinions on environmental and social issues. Some of these individuals came on their own accord, representing no political, environmental or social group. Others, however, came bearing the attire – or signs – of their respective organizations. Union workers were there (even the public worker’s union made an appearance). Groups like Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and Keepers of the Mountains were also in attendance. Even religious groups with environmental bents were on hand to lend their support. Two representatives of differing religious groups I spoke to said they were both there to show their groups’ opposition to the practice of strip mining. Here’s some audio of what each representative had to say.

EARTH QUAKER ACTION TEAM | Carolyn McCoy, Representative from Philadelphia, PA

CHRISTIANS FOR THE MOUNTAINS | Allen Johnson, co-founder from Pocahontas County, WV


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